Automate your online research

Tired of having 20 tabs open everytime you want to research something? Let our AI agent handle it for you. Aomni can break down a high level research question into a step-by-step plan, and execute it for you while you enjoy your coffee.

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Aomni has a variety of tools at its disposal to intelligently plan your query to get you the final result, including a full web browser that allows it to access any information that is on the internet, no API required.

N-Layer search

Aomni's query planner, powered by state-of-the-art AI models by OpenAI, intelligently plans, routes, and executes each request to ensure the correctness and diversity of sources.

Extracted, not generated

We do not use AI to generate content, which is prone to false information. Instead, we use AI to extract the relevant information from trustworthy sources, and cluster and process them to an easy to digest format.

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