11 Free Sales Training Resources

Published on October 15, 2023 by David Zhang

11 Free Sales Training Resources

In today's competitive market, continuous learning and development are pivotal for the growth and success of any sales team. While there are myriad paid training programs and solutions out there, not every organization or sales professional has the luxury of investing in them. Fortunately, the digital era offers a plethora of free resources that can bolster sales skills and strategies without incurring hefty costs. Here’s a curated list of 11 free sales training resources that are not only excellent for brushing up on your selling techniques, but are also accessible with no financial commitment.

1. HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy stands out with its comprehensive courses covering a wide range of topics from inbound sales to sales software. This platform offers certifications and bite-sized lessons tailored for different expertise levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced salesperson, HubSpot’s resources have something for everyone.

2. LinkedIn Learning

Although LinkedIn Learning typically requires a subscription, it frequently offers free introductory courses that can be leveraged during trial periods. Here, sales professionals can access high-quality, expert-led courses that cover everything from basic sales principles to advanced selling strategies aligned with today’s digital age.

3. Coursera

Coursera collaborates with world-renowned institutions to offer courses and certifications. While many are paid, you can audit a wide range of sales training courses for free, giving access to course materials and lectures without receiving the certification.

4. edX

Like Coursera, edX offers courses from top universities and companies globally. You can audit courses for free, gaining insight into various aspects of sales, from strategic thinking to analytics. This resource is ideal for broadening your sales perspective with academic and practical knowledge.

5. Salesforce Trailhead

Salesforce Trailhead is a must for sales professionals looking to master the Salesforce CRM platform. It offers fun, interactive, and gamified learning experiences for all levels of Salesforce users, from beginners to wizards.

6. YouTube

YouTube is a goldmine for free educational content. Channels like Sales Hacker and Marc Wayshak Sales Research & Insights offer a plethora of videos for sales training tips, interviews with sales leaders, and best practices for today’s sales professionals.

7. Khan Academy

While not specifically geared towards sales, Khan Academy offers robust training in areas that can enhance your sales abilities, such as mathematics, science, economics, and more, strengthening the analytical skills that are vital in sales.

8. ITunesU Free Courses

iTunesU offers a variety of free audio and video courses on multiple topics. Sales professionals can find material on marketing, business strategies, and other subjects that can indirectly improve their sales skills through better understanding cross-disciplinary business principles.

9. MIT OpenCourseWare

The MIT OpenCourseWare initiative provides virtually all MIT course content for free. For the analytically inclined salesperson, courses in economics, media studies, and entrepreneurship may provide valuable insights into the more technical or narrative aspects of selling.

10. Reddit Sales Thread

The Reddit Sales community is a crowdsourced hub of discussions, AMAs (Ask Me Anything), and tips from real-world sales professionals across industries. This platform is particularly useful for staying updated on sales trends and getting practical advice from peers.

11. Podcasts

Podcasts like The Sales Evangelist, B2B Growth, and Sales Gravy offer free insights from sales leaders and practitioners. They can be an excellent way to make commutes and downtime more productive, keeping you informed of the latest strategies and tools in the world of sales.

Leveraging Free Resources for Continuous Learning

With these free sales training resources, you have at your disposal a diverse set of learning materials that can vastly improve your sales knowledge and techniques. Here are a few tips to fully utilize these free tools:

  • Structure Your Learning: Approach these resources with a plan. Define what you need to improve upon and dedicate time to focus on those areas.
  • Combine Different Formats: Everyone has a unique learning style. Combine video tutorials, podcasts, and written content to see what resonates best with you.
  • Apply and Practice: Theory is essential, but application solidifies learning. After each training session, find practical ways to integrate new knowledge or techniques into your sales process.
  • Engage with Communities: Join forums, participate in discussions, and network with other sales professionals to share experiences and insights.
  • Seek Feedback: Apply what you learn and seek feedback from peers and leaders to continue improving.
  • Stay Curious: Sales methodologies evolve rapidly. Stay proactive in seeking out new resources and learning opportunities.

In Conclusion

Investing in sales training doesn't always require financial investment. With the array of free resources available, motivated sales individuals and teams can enhance their skills and methodologies, keeping up with the dynamic landscape of sales.

Moreover, persistent learning and skill development are critical in a world where customers are increasingly knowledgeable and competition more fierce. Utilizing these free sales training resources can give you the edge needed to excel and achieve your sales objectives.

Remember that tools and resources are facilitators of success, but the real growth happens when knowledge is implemented effectively. Happy learning!

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