5 Compelling Ideas For Humanizing Remote Sales Tactics

Published on November 15, 2023 by David Zhang

5 Compelling Ideas For Humanizing Remote Sales Tactics

In the age of rapidly advancing technology and the shift towards remote work, the sales landscape has experienced a significant transformation. Sales teams no longer rely solely on in-person meetings to close deals; they're increasingly operating in virtual environments. This shift presents a unique challenge: How can sales professionals maintain the human touch when they're not engaging with prospects face-to-face? Here we explore five compelling ideas for humanizing remote sales tactics to create meaningful connections and drive success from a distance.

1. Leverage Video to Create Personal Connections

The potency of face-to-face interaction in sales cannot be overstated. While remote selling can often feel impersonal, utilizing video calls instead of phone calls or emails can reintroduce that lost personal element. Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams allow sales reps to engage with clients in a way that closely mimics an in-person encounter. Here are a few tips to enhance video calls:

  • Always turn the camera on: It's critical to show your face. This encourages both parties to be more engaged and present during the conversation.
  • Practice good video etiquette: Ensure good lighting, a clean and professional background, and eliminate distractions to maintain professionalism.
  • Use visual aids: Employ screen sharing to present slideshows, demos, and documents that can complement your pitch and help explain complex ideas.

2. Foster Relationship Through Social Selling

Social selling—using social media to interact directly with prospects—offers an informal platform for building relationships. LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram can provide a less corporate channel to engage with potential clients. Cultivating a social media presence that showcases your brand's personality and values can make your interactions feel more genuine. Engage with content thoughtfully by:

  • Sharing valuable content: Posting articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos that are relevant to your audience establishes you as a resource.
  • Being responsive: Answer questions, reply to comments and messages swiftly. This shows that you're attentive and approachable.
  • Commenting genuinely: When you interact with your prospect's content, make sure your comments are constructive and authentic, not just sales pitches.

3. Humanize Email Communication

Despite the rise of social media and video conferencing, email remains a staple in client communication. To make emails feel more personal:

  • Personalize your messages: Avoid generic greetings and include specific references to previous discussions or shared interests.
  • Write conversationally: Use a tone that's friendly and approachable rather than formal and stiff. This might make the recipient more comfortable and open to dialogue.
  • Include personal touches: Sign off emails with your name, position, and a casual, friendly sign-off. Consider including a photo in your signature to add a personal visage to your words.

4. Listen Actively and Show Empathy

The keystones of humanizing remote sales are active listening and empathy. This means truly focusing on what the prospect is saying and responding thoughtfully. In a remote setting, active listening can be demonstrated by:

  • Paraphrasing and summarizing: After a prospect has finished speaking, recap what they've said to demonstrate that you've been attentive.
  • Asking insightful questions: Pose questions that show you're not only interested in the sale but are genuinely invested in understanding their needs.
  • Expressing understanding and empathy: Always acknowledge your client's challenges and concerns, and help them feel heard and appreciated.

5. Create Shared Experiences

Creating shared experiences can help bridge the gap between remote sales reps and their prospects. This can be challenging in a virtual environment, but with a bit of creativity, it's possible to foster a sense of togetherness. Consider:

  • Virtual events and webinars: Invite leads to online events that offer real value. Whether educational or network-focused, such events can serve as a bonding experience.
  • Coffee chats: Arrange casual meetings where business isn’t necessarily on the agenda. Sending a small coffee gift card beforehand can be a nice touch.
  • Interactive presentations and demos: Use technology to create engaging and interactive demos that invite participation and dialogue rather than ones that just talk at prospects.

In a remote-working world, sales teams must strive to humanize their tactics to stand out in a sea of digital interactions. By incorporating these ideas, sales professionals can forge stronger connections with their prospects, despite the lack of physical presence. Finding creative ways to bring a personal touch to every interaction can ultimately lead to more meaningful relationships and, as a result, more successful sales outcomes.

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