5 Examples Of Great Product Launches

Published on November 6, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer

5 Examples Of Great Product Launches

Launching a new product is no small feat. It takes hours of labor, strategic planning, and unwavering determination. Every once in a while, a company gets this process so right that it merits spotlighting their achievements. In this post, we're going to look at five examples of phenomenal product launches in recent years, and pinpoint precisely what made them so impactful.

Apple - iPhone Launch (2007)

The iPhone launch in 2007 remains one of the best examples of a successful product launch. Steve Jobs’s presentation turned a product launch into a spectacle, sharing his vision of a revolutionary product that would combine three devices into one: a phone, a widescreen iPod with touch control, and a breakthrough internet communications device.

With this astute positioning, a carefully orchestrated media campaign, and Jobs's personal charisma, Apple captured the world’s attention and forever solidified the iPhone as a disruptor in the mobile phone industry.

Tesla - Cybertruck Unveiling (2019)

Despite a launch event mishap, the Tesla Cybertruck unveiling was successful due to its ability to generate buzz. Elon Musk's audacious confidence in his futuristic, stainless steel electric truck caught the world's attention, particularly when its ‘armor glass’ windows broke during a live demonstration.

Far from damaging the brand, this unexpected moment made headlines, sparking conversations across platforms, and resulting in 250,000 pre-orders within a week. It’s proof that even perceived "failures" can be harnessed for overall success.

Airbnb - Rebranding & New Product Launch (2014)

In 2014, Airbnb rebranded itself with a new logo and expanded its product offering to include experiences. This was more than just a typical product launch—it was the expansion of a new business model.

The launch press conference did not just highlight the features of the new product but also introduced a new brand identity and vision. Airbnb aimed to establish itself as a travel companion, rather than just a booking platform. The rebranding and launch were considered a success due to the company's ability to express a clear vision and demonstrate the evolution of their brand.

Dollar Shave Club - Subscription Launch (2012)

Dollar Shave Club exploded onto the market in 2012 with a brilliant launch video that quickly went viral. In the video, CEO Michael Dubin uses humor and simplicity to explain the company's value proposition: no-frills razors delivered to your door for a dollar a month.

With just a $4,500 budget, the video reached 12,000 people within the first 48 hours and led to 12,000 new subscriptions. Dollar Shave Club showed us that a well-crafted message, combined with an innovative delivery method, can make a massive impact on a tight budget.

Zoom - Launch in Response to COVID-19 (2020)

Zoom was not a new product in 2020, but the company launched a timely and substantial marketing campaign in response to the global shift to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They provided extensive resources on how their product could help businesses navigate the shift, offering a free tier of the service for individuals and educational institutions. This positioned Zoom not just as a product but as a solution, leading to a tenfold increase in their daily meeting participants.


While each company and circumstance is unique, these examples highlight a few essential principles for a successful product launch:

  1. Clear Vision: Whether launching a new product or rebranding, it’s vital to communicate a clear vision that resonates with your target audience.
  2. Audacious Confidence: Not all launches go according to plan, but confidence in your product allows you to turn mishaps into momentum.
  3. Innovative Delivery: Finding a new and engaging way to deliver your message can make a big splash, especially when budget constraints are a factor.
  4. Timely Relevance: Leveraging current events or industry trends can catapult your product into the limelight and serve to meet immediate needs.

As we venture into a world increasingly defined by innovation, product launches will continue to be major events in the business world. By incorporating these lessons into your own launch plans, you could be well on your way to joining these ranks.

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