Abm Tactics Manufacturers Can Use To Excel During Industry Wide Disruption

Published on August 14, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer

Abm Tactics Manufacturers Can Use To Excel During Industry Wide Disruption

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, staying ahead is about adapting and excelling, especially during industry-wide disruptions such as supply chain challenges, changes in consumer demands, or unforeseen global events. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) can become the strategic driver for manufacturers looking to navigate these rough waters with agility and precision.

By focusing on key accounts as markets of one, ABM allows you to deliver personalized marketing experiences that resonate with individual buyers’ needs and pain points. In this article, we'll navigate through various ABM tactics that manufacturers can deploy to excel during industry disruption.

Deepening Account Intelligence

ABM isn’t simply about marketing; it’s about deeply understanding your accounts to such an extent that you can anticipate their needs and tailor your approach accordingly. Ensure your sales intelligence gathering is robust and dynamic, as accurate data about your clients' changing situations will enable you to react swiftly and effectively.

For instance, if a global event disrupts the supply chain, understanding which of your accounts are most impacted will allow you to proactively offer solutions and relevant communication. Advanced ABM platforms can aggregate real-time information regarding industries, markets, and individual companies, which can inform strategic decisions during volatile times.

Personalized Communication

Mass communication might reach a wider audience, but it lacks the targeted impact of personalized messages. During a disruption, ABM strategies can thrive by crafting content and messages that speak directly to the specific challenges or changes your priority accounts are facing.

Through email campaigns, custom landing pages, or even direct mail, you can leverage ABM to create empathetic, relevant communications. For example, if a new regulation is causing upheaval, crafting content that helps your accounts navigate this change can position you as both a thought leader and a practical ally.

Digital Events and Webinars

Digital events have become a cornerstone for many ABM strategies, especially when disruptions prevent in-person interactions. Webinars, roundtables, and virtual conferences allow manufacturers to continue engaging with their key accounts.

Focused on topics that address current industry pain points, these events can offer a platform for discussion and problem solving. They also provide opportunities to collect feedback, gauge sentiment, and adjust your approach accordingly.

Tailored Product Demonstrations

Another effective tactic is providing personalized, virtual demonstrations of how your products or services can resolve specific issues caused by industry disruptions. These demonstrations can showcase adaptability and emphasize how your solutions might be particularly effective in the current climate.

Utilizing technologies like augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) can make these demonstrations even more immersive and convincing, right at the moment when your clients need reassurance and confidence in a solution the most.

Collaborative Sales and Marketing Alignment

ABM requires tight alignment between marketing and sales, a critical factor during industrial disruptions. Sales teams provide insights and feedback from the field that are important for marketing to hone in messaging and content strategies. Conversely, marketing can deliver quality content and resources that guide sales conversations towards addressing the current disruption.

Through continuous collaboration, both teams can work towards a common goal with each account, ensuring strategies are synchronized and providing a seamless customer experience.

Investing in Technology

Leveraging the right ABM tools is critical for excelling in times of disruption. Between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ABM platforms, manufacturers can gain better visibility into account engagement, customize communications, and enhance their ability to respond to changes quickly.

More sophisticated platforms like Aomni can help streamline these processes by providing AI-powered account research and enabling personalized content at scale, effectively transforming the experience your key accounts receive.

Customer Success Partnerships

Lean into your customer success teams to fortify relationships during disruptive periods. They can provide insights into customer health, identify potential upsell opportunities, and flag accounts that might be at risk due to the disruption.

By using these insights, ABM campaigns can focus on fortifying relationships, offering additional support where necessary, and helping key accounts find their way through the industry upheaval with confidence.

Measuring and Adapting

Data is your key ally in understanding what is working and what is not during a disruptive period. Measure engagement across communications and digital events, track the responsiveness of individual accounts to tailored messaging, and closely observe the sales cycle lengths and conversion rates.

Adapt strategies in real-time based on this data. As the industry landscape changes, so too should your ABM approach, always guided by the numbers and feedback you receive.

Empowering Channel Partners

In the manufacturing sector, channel partners can be a powerful extension of your ABM efforts. Equip them with personalized marketing materials and involve them when organizing webinars or events. Training and empowering these partners can help them resonate with your key accounts’ needs, especially when direct contact might be limited due to disruptions.


Tried-and-true ABM strategies can become even more effective when tailored to the unique challenges of industry-wide disruptions. By offering account-specific attention and adapting to changes quickly, manufacturers can not only maintain stability during tumultuous periods but can also position themselves as leaders and innovators in their field.

For those who are keen on exploring advanced, intelligent solutions to elevate their ABM strategies, solutions like Aomni can serve as powerful allies in navigating through disruption. With cutting-edge analytics, real-time insights, and the ability to deliver personalized content swiftly, platforms such as Aomni can provide the competitive edge manufacturers need during such critical times.

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