About 10 Of Your Potential Customers Are Ready To Buy This Quarter Chances Are Youre Missing Them

Published on October 31, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer

About 10 Of Your Potential Customers Are Ready To Buy This Quarter Chances Are Youre Missing Them

With an ocean of prospects and a sea of competition, pinpointing the select few customers ready to purchase can seem daunting. For any given company, only a thin slice of potential customers are in a position to buy within any quarter. The challenge, then, is not only finding these customers but also compellingly communicating your value proposition at precisely the right moment.

It's a task many sales teams approach with a mixture of determination and mystique. However, this approach to sales can leave substantial revenue on the table. A more informed and strategic approach will not only identify who these 10 customers are, but also ensure engagement in a manner that addresses their immediate needs and propels them through your sales funnel.

Understanding Buyer Readiness

Each customer walking through your sales pipeline travels at their own pace. Some may take months or even years of nurturing before they're ready to make a decision, while others may journey from lead to close in the span of a week. The question is, how do you determine who is ready now?

A pivotal first step is understanding the subtle indicators of buying intent. These indicators can vary between industries and even between products, but they generally include actions like a spike in engagement with your marketing content, a pattern of visiting pricing pages, or direct inquiries about product capabilities.

Harnessing Data to Identify The Ready 10

Incorporating analytics into your sales strategy is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. By leveraging the right data, you might find that your next ten customers have been hiding in plain sight. Sales and marketing automation tools can help you parse through customer touchpoints to highlight those who are regularly interacting with your content or site.

Tools that offer predictive lead scoring go a step further, using machine learning algorithms to assess vast quantities of data points and rank leads based on their propensity to buy. Data points to consider include demographic information, firmographic details, past buying behavior, and real-time engagement.

Engaging With Hyper-Relevance

Once you've identified the customers likely to purchase this quarter, your job shifts from detective to strategist. Engagement now becomes crucial.

The key to effective engagement is hyper-relevance. This means crafting personalized messages and content that address each customer’s specific pain points, challenges, and goals. Utilizing a well-maintained CRM system to track past interactions, preferences, and behavioral data can inform the level of personalization necessary to resonate with your prospects.

Timing and Outreach Strategies

Now, think of timing like the conductor of an orchestra – it can’t just be good; it needs to be impeccable. Engage too early, and you might come off as pushy; too late, and you've missed your window. Understanding the signals of purchasing readiness can guide the timing of your outreach efforts.

In addition to the "when," the "how" also significantly influences effectiveness. Diversify your outreach approach across channels, including email, social media, in-person events, webinars, and phone calls. Keep in mind the particular preferences and behaviors of each lead while deciding on the outreach channels and methods.

Content as a Conversion Catalyst

Content, when used skillfully, acts as a conversion catalyst. Tailored content that aligns with your prospect’s stage in the buyer's journey not only educates but also builds trust and propels the decision-making process forward.

Interactive content such as quizzes, calculators, and assessments can provide immediate value while nurturing leads towards a buying decision. Case studies and testimonials offer social proof which can assuage any lingering doubts about the efficacy of your offering.

Relationship Building and Trust

Relationships are the bedrock of sales, especially in the B2B landscape. The advance of virtual selling doesn't diminish this; if anything, it amplifies the need for authentic connections. Building trust through relationships requires a demonstration of deep industry knowledge and a genuine interest in the customer's success—not just the sale.

The Role of Sales Enablement Tools

Sales enablement tools can be incredibly powerful for identifying and engaging customers ready to buy. These tools streamline numerous processes across sales and marketing, from content management and delivery to training and analytics.

Intelligent platforms like Aomni provide the next level of sales enablement by harnessing AI to give real-time account research, competitive insights, and personalized sales content. These resources, which used to require significant manual effort, can now be compiled in minutes, empowering reps to connect with decision-makers armed with the most relevant and compelling information.

Follow-Up: The Art of Persistence

Considering the fragmented attention span of today’s buyers, follow-up is where deals are often won or lost. Persistence matters, but so does the way in which follow-up is conducted. Being intuitive about following up, such that each interaction adds value for the potential customer, builds credibility and demonstrates your commitment to addressing their needs.

Cultural Shift Towards Strategic Selling

This focused approach may demand a shift in culture and mindset. Moving beyond the high-volume, high-pressure sales model to one that is more measured and strategic involves embracing technologies that can analyze, predict, and enable more profound connections with prospects.


Don’t leave your quarter to chance. Integrate data-driven tools and strategies to illuminate those 10 prospects ready to make a move. By coupling discerning analytics with personalized, timely content and outreach, you ensure you aren't merely part of the cacophony of options but the clear, resonating note that catches the customer’s ear at the moment they're ready to listen—and commit.

Integrating the right tools, methodology, and strategy, such as the powerful insights and automation provided by Aomni, can transform the trajectory of your startup’s sales success, ensuring you consistently identify and engage those who are ready to embark on the buyer's journey with you.

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