Battlecard Rollout Plan

Published on October 27, 2023 by David Zhang

Battlecard Rollout Plan

Battlecards are an incredible asset to equip your sales team with the information needed to conquer in the face of stiff competition. But designing a set of battlecards is just one piece of the puzzle. Your investment in creating these sales enablement tools will only pay off if they are effectively rolled out to your sales team. That's where a battlecard rollout plan comes in.

In this guide, we'll offer a step-by-step walkthrough to effectively roll out your battlecards, ensuring that your sales representatives not only have the tools they need but know precisely how to use them.

Why a Rollout Plan Matters

A sales battlecard is a consolidated sheet offering an overview of your competitors, business insights, key value propositions, and resistance handling information. It's a fantastic selling tool, but only when the sales team knows how to use it effectively.

This is where the importance of a thoughtful rollout plan comes into play. A training-rich rollout plan ensures the sales team completely understands the battlecard, and can confidently leverage the information and align it with their selling discussions.

Elements of a Battlecard Rollout Plan

Below are key steps every organization should take when implementing a new battlecard rollout plan:

Step 1: Prep the Leadership Team: Your first step should be to get buy-in from your sales leadership. Walk them through the battlecard, its benefits and how it will be used. Encourage them to lend their credibility to the project by serving as evangelists.

Step 2: Training Sessions: Training sessions are a must. These can be in the form of web-based seminars, in-person meetings, or recorded video sessions. Break down how each piece of the battlecard should be used, and equip your sales team with the skills to incorporate this information into their selling practices.

Step 3: Role-Play: Reinforce how to use battlecards in real selling scenarios with role-playing activities. Have your sales reps practice using the battlecard information in mock sales calls and demo sessions.

Step 4: Accessible & User-Friendly: Make sure the battlecards are available where salespeople are likely to look for them. For example, if you use a CRM, make certain your reps can access the battlecards directly from their CRM.

Step 5: Monitor Use: Monitor battlecard usage to ensure reps are actively using them. Encourage feedback and make tweaks where necessary to enhance the usability and relevance of the battlecards.

Step 6: Regular Reviews: Battlecards are not a set-it-and-forget-it tool. Regularly update the battlecards to reflect changes in competition and market dynamics. Make sure to communicate these changes to your sales team.

Step 7: Reward Utilisation: If your reps are using battlecards more and closing more deals as a result, ensure that's rewarded. Creating a culture where the use of battlecards is celebrated will reinforce their importance and encourage further utilisation.

Automating Battlecard Rollout With Aomni

While this may seem like a lot of manual work, platforms like Aomni make implementing a battlecard rollout plan smoother. For instance, Aomni blend with your CRM, so battlecards are accessible right where your sales reps need them. And because Aomni continually synthesizes real-time information into battlecards, you can be sure they're always updated with the latest insights.

Final Thoughts

Rolling out battlecards to your sales team isn't an overnight job; it requires planning, training, and continuous monitoring to ensure successful implementation. However, with a proper rollout plan, investing in battlecards can pay huge dividends, empowering your sales team to grasp the competitive landscape and devise effective selling strategies.

Leveraging platforms like Aomni can streamline the rollout process, keeping the battlecards updated and available in real-time. So, if you've not started on your battlecard journey yet, now is a good time to dive in! Start crafting your battlecards and get ready to ace the sales game.

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