Best Sales Podcasts

Published on October 29, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer

Best Sales Podcasts

In the high-octane realm of sales, staying sharp, inspired, and ahead of current trends is not just beneficial; it’s a requisite for success. With an overwhelming number of resources available, sales professionals often find themselves sifting through an information overload. While blogs, webinars, and books are excellent resources, sales podcasts have emerged as a unique medium for sales education—providing insight and knowledge that salespeople can consume on the go.

Sales podcasts offer lessons from industry leaders, success stories, strategies, techniques, and motivational anecdotes. These podcasts are diverse in their approach—some are data-heavy, delving into the nitty-gritty of selling, while others are conversational, connecting listeners with the personal stories of top performers and innovators. Here’s a roundup of the best sales podcasts that can help fine-tune your sales prowess.

1. The Sales Hacker Podcast

Why Listen: Sales Hacker delves deep into the strategies and experiences of B2B sales professionals. Featuring influential guests, it offers actionable insights into the intricacies of sales, including successful practices, tools, and technologies that are shaping modern sales processes.

Notable Episodes: Each episode offers golden nuggets of wisdom, but their discussions surrounding sales ops and strategy are invaluable for developing a structure to your sales method.

2. The Advanced Selling Podcast

Why Listen: Real, raw, and insightful, hosts Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale share their experiences in sales training and coaching. This podcast focuses on helping veterans and novices alike elevate their selling game with advice, tips, and sales techniques that are tested in the field.

Notable Episodes: They offer a series of 'Mailbag' episodes where they address questions from their listeners, making it an interactive and responsive resource for sales professionals.

3. B2B Growth

Why Listen: B2B Growth is a go-to podcast for B2B sales leaders. Not limited to just sales-specific topics, it delivers a holistic approach to growth, including content marketing, company culture, and leadership.

Notable Episodes: They occasionally run series focusing on specific themes like 'Account-Based Marketing,' which can be a goldmine for specialized knowledge.

4. Sell or Die with Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow

Why Listen: Featuring bestselling author Jeffrey Gitomer and sales guru Jennifer Gluckow, Sell or Die tackles sales with a blend of humor, candor, and expertise. This podcast offers fresh perspectives and a no-BS approach to overcoming sales fear and elevating results.

Notable Episodes: Their episodes focusing on networking and self-improvement bring an often-overlooked dimension to sales success stories.

5. The Salesman Podcast

Why Listen: Host Will Barron focuses on how sales professionals can thrive in a changing sales environment. The Salesman Podcast breaks down sales trends and creates engaging content that tackles both the art and science of sales.

Notable Episodes: The interviews with psychologists and body language experts provide an outstanding angle to mastering sales interactions.

6. Make It Happen Mondays with John Barrows

Why Listen: John Barrows is a sales trainer for some of the world’s leading tech companies. His podcast, 'Make It Happen Mondays,' is rich with guidance and motivation to start your week off strong, providing listeners with a blend of valuable tips and hard truths.

Notable Episodes: Listening to interviews with executives from companies like Salesforce offers a glimpse into the strategies of top-tier organizations.

7. The Audible-Ready Sales Podcast

Why Listen: This podcast focuses on advancing sales skills and enabling sales professionals to be “audible-ready” for any selling situation they encounter.

Notable Episodes: Episodes about 'Managing Upwards' are particularly engaging, addressing a part of sales that even seasoned professionals can find challenging.

8. Sales Gravy with Jeb Blount

Why Listen: Jeb Blount is one of the most respected sales trainers in the world, and his podcast 'Sales Gravy' dives into sales technique, leadership, and psychology.

Notable Episodes: Episodes on 'Prospecting' and 'Negotiating and Closing' are recurrent themes, offering rich advice that's universally applicable in sales contexts.

9. Sales Success Stories

Why Listen: Host Scott Ingram interviews top-performing sales reps to get the low-down on their tactics, habits, and secrets. This podcast is a compilation of success stories that can motivate and offer a road map for replicating that success in your own career.

Notable Episodes: The 'Daily Sales Tips' series is an excellent resource for quick, daily actionables that can improve your sales process.

10. The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

Why Listen: Brian Burns approaches the convergence of sales and technology, tackling complex B2B sales and how to navigate them. He often discusses leveraging new tech to boost sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Notable Episodes: Themes such as 'The Art and Science of Selling' resonate well in explaining balancing personal intuition with data-driven strategies.


Sales podcasts present a convenient and enriching method for professional development on your terms—whether you’re commuting, working out, or just taking a breather between meetings. Tune into these top sales podcasts to ensure you’re keeping pace with the rapidly evolving world of sales. After all, in sales as in life, a commitment to continuous learning often differentiates the good from the great.

In the dynamic world of sales where information equates to competitive advantage, consider integrating access to real-time insights and customized content with tools like Aomni to further sharpen your edge. When combined with the practical knowledge from these sales podcasts, you're setting yourself up for a well-rounded ascent to sales mastery.

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