Competitive Comparison Battlecard

Published on November 17, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer

Competitive Comparison Battlecard

The world of B2B sales is not for the faint of heart. Competition is rife, and deciding which company to do business with presents buyers with an array of options. Wouldn't it be great if there was a tool to leverage during such encounters, one that distinctly showcases your product's strengths against competition, thus tipping the scales in your favor? There is, and it's called a "Competitive Comparison Battlecard.”

This detailed guide aims to provide an insightful understanding about the Competitive Comparison Battlecard– from deciphering what it is to how to create one, and effectively utilizing it within your sales funnel.

What is a Competitive Comparison Battlecard?

A Competitive Comparison Battlecard is a sales-enablement tool that systematically compares your product or service to that of your competitors. It highlights the differences, accentuates the unique selling propositions of your product/service, and equips your sales team to handle competitive situations more efficiently.

With customer-centric approach being the cornerstone in creating the Battlecard, it provides a compelling visualization of each key feature, positioning your solution as the best option for potential customers.

Why is Comparing Competitors Important for B2B Sales?

In the B2B landscape, purchase decisions often involve a considerable investment of time and resources. Buyers meticulously weigh their options to make a highly informed choice. In this context, having a Competitive Comparison Battlecard provides a clear, easy-to-understand comparison of you and your competitors’ offerings.

A well-constructed Battlecard showcases the distinct benefits of using your product/service, creating a clear positioning for your offering in the customer's mind. It empowers the sales team with strategic ammunition to deflect competitors' advances and more importantly, counter their claims. In essence, the Battlecard is a confidence booster that equips your sales team to handle challenging competitive selling scenarios.

Crucial Components of a Competitive Comparison Battlecard

A good Competitive Comparison Battlecard isn't about a feature-to-feature comparison. Instead, it's a strategic document focused on differentiation and counters. Here's what you should include:

  • Understanding the Competitor: Basic information about your competitors, their business model, product features, and market presence.

  • Competitor's Value Proposition: How your competitor defines their advantage and why customers choose them.

  • Your Unique Value Proposition: Clearly outline your unique strengths that distinguish your solution from competitors.

  • Comparison Matrix: A concise and structured matrix that articulates the essential features of your product and those of your competition. Make sure you include why each feature is relevant to potential customers.

  • Objection Handling: Preemptively answer potential objections that might arise when comparing your product against a competitor. This helps in steering the conversation back to your USPs.

Crafting Your Own Competitive Comparison Battlecard

  1. Identify Key Competitors: Start by identifying your main competitors for the specific product/service in focus.

  2. Research Thoroughly: Gather relevant data on your competitors’ offerings, strengths, weaknesses and popular features. Comprehensive research is crucial for an effective battlecard.

  3. Include Your Product’s Information: Ensure your unique selling propositions and most essential features are carefully articulated and tabulated in the battlecard.

  4. Create an Enticing Visual Comparison: Design a compelling, easy-to-understand visual comparison chart or matrix that sets your product/service apart from your competitors. Remember, Battlecards are fundamentally visual tools.

  5. Iterate & Improve: Continually update and improve your Battlecard as new information about your competitors becomes available or as your product evolves.

Remember, a great battlecard isn't a technical spec sheet. It's a sales argument built on understanding your potential customer's needs and showing why you're ideally suited to meet those needs. Aomni's AI tool can significantly expedite the process by offering real-time updates, reducing the manual effort and always keeping your battlecards updated.


A great Competitive Comparison Battlecard acts as a trusted ally for your sales team, holding their hand during direct competitive encounters. By showcasing your offerings, countering objections, and highlighting your advantages, it significantly enhances the probability of sales success. Crafting a successful Battlecard may take time, but it's an investment that can deliver substantial returns. And with tools like Aomni, creating Competitive Comparison Battlecards becomes a breeze, empowering your salesforce to sell more strategically.

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