Competitive Selling Tips

Published on October 11, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer

Competitive Selling Tips

For any sales professional in today's hyper-competitive marketplace, it’s critical to leverage competitive selling tactics to outrun rivals. Competitive selling is about understanding your competitors as thoroughly as you do your own offerings, and positioning your unique strengths to win over buyers effectively.

However, competitive selling goes beyond knowing your competitor's features and price points. It’s also about understanding what they're saying to customers, how they sell, and using this knowledge to differentiate yourself effectively. In this guide, you'll find valuable insights into competitive selling that will arm any sales rep with the tools required to succeed in this arena.

1. Deep Dive into Your Competitors

The first step towards competitive selling is gaining an in-depth understanding of your rivals. This includes understanding their products or services, pricing, market presence, marketing strategy, and their unique value proposition. Once you thoroughly understand what you're up against, you've built a sturdy foundation for your sales strategy.

This, however, requires ongoing effort. Markets and players evolve, new competitors emerge, and old ones pivot their strategies. Making competitor analysis a regular part of your sales strategy is key to staying ahead.

2. Position Your Product Uniquely

Once you have a comprehensive understanding of your competition, you can begin to position your product uniquely. This can mean highlighting a feature that offers unique benefits, offering a superior customer service experience, or providing greater overall value than your competitors.

It's not a mere recitation of facts but a story you weave around your product that resonates with your target audience. Don't depend entirely on your product's superior features. Take a more balanced approach, marrying your product's unique benefits with an understanding of your customer's requirements.

3. Stay Customer-Centric

Winning over a customer isn’t just about boasting better product or service features. It's about connecting with them, understanding their pain points, and demonstrating how your product can solve them. In a competitive landscape, being customer-centric can serve as a significant differentiator.

Ensure your sales conversations aren't just about pushing products, but about understanding and aligning with your customers’ unique requirements. Ask questions, listen attentively, and genuinely empathize with their situation. Take the time to establish trust and rapport before making the sales pitch.

4. Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Flexibility and adaptability are critical attributes for success in competitive selling. This is because the market trends, customer preferences, and competitors’ tactics are never static. Quick adaptation to these fluctuations often proves to be a winning trait in a competitive selling environment.

Part of this involves staying on top of the latest industry news, trends, and shifts in the competitive landscape. Regularly updating your sales strategies, messages, and approaches in response to this knowledge can give you an upper hand in competitive sales.

5. Leverage Battlecards

Sales battlecards are resources that compare your offering directly to a competitor's, feature by feature. They can give your sales team a ready reckoner of how to handle objections, what unique selling propositions to highlight, and how to effectively counter competitor claims.

Building an effective battlecard requires a strong understanding of your competitors, as well as your customers and their specific requirements. This invaluable tool will give your sales team the confidence to handle any competitive selling situation.

6. Encourage Sales Team Collaboration

In the field of competitive selling, unity is a powerful weapon. Encourage your sales teams to regularly share their experiences, successful tactics, and learned lessons with each other. This practice can uncover insights and tactics that could turn a potential loss into a gain.

7. Leveraging Technology

Today, technology offers several tools that can assist you in competitive selling. For instance, platforms like Aomni provide you with critical account information, competitive insights, and personalized sales content in minutes. This allows your sales team to focus on strategy and execution, providing them with an edge over competitors.


Competitive selling is a dynamic and challenging endeavor that requires continuous effort and adaptability. Blending a deep understanding of your competitors with a genuine focus on solving your customers' problems is a potent recipe for success.

Leveraging technology and fostering a collaborative environment within the sales team can further sharpen your competitive edge. By mastering these tips, sales professionals can navigate the competitive marketplace with confidence and turn these challenges into opportunities for growth.

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