Five B2B Emails We Were Told Not To Send

Published on December 5, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer

Five B2B Emails We Were Told Not To Send

Email marketing in the B2B space is a delicate balance between being informative and engaging without slipping into the realm of being cumbersome or even worse, entirely ignored. There's a plethora of do's and don’ts strewn across marketing playbooks, with certain types of emails labeled as ineffective or taboo.

However, in a world where differentiating your message is key, sometimes breaking the rules can be the best way to stand out. Here are five types of B2B emails we were advised against sending, plus insights into why we embraced the forbidden fruit and the results that followed.

1. The "Breaking the Fourth Wall" Email

The Taboo: An email that directly addresses the fact that it's a marketing email and pokes fun at typical B2B conventions.

Our Approach: We crafted an email that started with, "Yes, this is another marketing email. But stay with us..." not only disarmed the recipient but also piqued curiosity. We proceeded to have a candid conversation about why our email deserved a moment in their busy day.

The Result: The click-through rate for this campaign surpassed industry averages, proving that transparency, mixed with a dash of humor, can indeed make for effective email communication.

2. The "Long-Form Value" Email

The Taboo: It's often preached that B2B emails should be short to respect the reader’s time and to prevent the message from getting lost.

Our Approach: We tested a longer, narrative-driven email filled with deep insights, actionable advice, and value in each paragraph, betting on quality over brevity.

The Result: This email not only garnered high engagement rates but also sparked meaningful conversations with leads who appreciated the depth and richness of the content provided.

3. The "Reply Requested" Email

The Taboo: Asking for a reply in an initial cold email is typically seen as intrusive and too forward.

Our Approach: Rather than a pure ask, we composed an email that delivered a tailored question aimed to invoke thought and genuinely benefit the recipient’s business strategy. We ended by inviting a dialogue, regardless of any interest in our services.

The Result: Response rates increased by over 15%, with many executives thanking us for prompting discussions that led to internal improvements.

4. The "Honesty" Email

The Taboo: Admitting weaknesses or areas of growth in your own company can supposedly undermine the confidence a potential client might have in your business.

Our Approach: We decided to address upfront some misconceptions about our product in comparison with larger competitors, emphasizing our unique value and ongoing efforts to enhance our offerings.

The Result: This approach deepened the trust with our audience and opened up conversations about features they valued, positioning us as a transparent and customer-focused option.

5. The "Anti-Sales" Email

The Taboo: Sales emails in B2B should be assertive and always drive towards a sale, often with a clear call-to-action that leads to a demo or a meeting.

Our Approach: We sent out an email series that did not end with the typical CTA for a demo or trial. Instead, we provided free resources, like eBooks and industry reports, no strings attached.

The Result: By offering immediate value without an immediate ask, we saw an uptick in the number of recipients who eventually inquired about our full services on their own volition.

Each of these 'forbidden' emails challenged conventional wisdom, but they did so with a purpose. In all cases, the key was delivering value in a manner that was both respectful and engaging to the recipient.

In a world where AI and automation are changing the landscape of B2B sales, tools like Aomni are revolutionizing how businesses approach their sales strategy by providing real-time market insights and personalized sales content, cutting down the effort to mere minutes. Allowing sales teams to tailor their approach with high-precision and relevant content changes the dynamic of B2B interactions from impersonal to impressively in-tune.

As a parting thought, remember that the B2B email environment is constantly evolving, and what may seem a faux pas today could be the breakthrough of tomorrow. Testing and measuring is the backbone of email marketing success. It’s paramount to keep innovating while never losing sight of the primary goal: providing real value to your recipients.

In marketing and sales alike, differentiation and personalization are often heralded, but less frequently practiced to the extent they could be. Sometimes, to make a real difference, you have to dare to send the email that nobody else will—while always keeping the interests and needs of your audience at the core of your message.

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