Hard Truths And Helpful Tips About Account Based Marketing Part 2

Published on December 13, 2023 by David Zhang

Hard Truths And Helpful Tips About Account Based Marketing Part 2

In the realm of account-based marketing (ABM), clarity and evolution are paramount. While Part 1 of our discussion shined light on the foundational insights of ABM, this continuation delves deeper into the harder truths that surface as we pilot these strategic waters, coupled with actionable insights to soar beyond the waves.

ABM isn’t a panacea for all sales and marketing woes. True, it promises personalization at scale and alignment of marketing efforts with sales goals, but what lurks beneath this promising surface? And more importantly, how can your business navigate these waters to ensure your ABM strategy doesn’t just float, but sails strongly towards its destination?

Hard Truth #1: ABM Requires Deep Commitment

ABM is not a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor. It demands continuous effort and alignment across several departments. It’s a symbiotic relationship between sales, marketing, and — in some cases — customer success teams. Each department must understand and buy into its role in the ABM strategy. This necessitates not only a shared vision but unwavering support from the highest echelons of the organization.

Helpful Tip: Secure executive buy-in by demonstrating ABM’s potential impact on ROI with smaller pilots and clear metrics. Then build out an interdepartmental task force to foster collaboration and ensure ongoing commitment.

Hard Truth #2: Personalization is Resource-Intensive

One of the pillars of ABM is crafting content and campaigns tailored to unique accounts and their respective decision-makers. This level of personalization doesn't come cheap. It requires time, creative resources, and oftentimes a significant investment in data analytics.

Helpful Tip: Leverage technology where you can. Use AI-driven platforms like Aomni to quickly gather account insights and automate aspects of the personalization process. This can free up your team's time to focus on creativity and strategy.

Hard Truth #3: Data Hygiene is Critically Underestimated

It's thrilling to dive into ABM with a wealth of data at your fingertips. However, dirty data can sink your efforts before they even begin. Inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete data impedes personalization, targeting, and alignment, leading to wasted resources and missed opportunities.

Helpful Tip: Establish robust processes for data management. Regularly cleanse, verify, and update your databases to maintain data integrity. Consider data enrichment services to enhance your existing records and keep data actionable.

Hard Truth #4: ABM Doesn’t Yield Immediate Results

Impatience is a common pitfall in ABM strategies. Unlike more transactional marketing tactics, ABM is a marathon and not a sprint. It’s about building relationships and positioning your offering in the right place at the right time — which can take considerably longer than other marketing efforts.

Helpful Tip: Set realistic timelines and manage expectations across your team and leadership. Use leading indicators and micro-conversions (such as engagement metrics) to measure progress in the near-term while waiting for larger deals to close.

Hard Truth #5: The Need for Agile Evolution

ABM strategies that rigidly adhere to their initial design without taking into account real-world feedback and analytics, are doomed to falter. Markets evolve, prospect needs shift, and your ABM strategies must be agile enough to adapt.

Helpful Tip: Implement a continuous feedback loop between marketing and sales that reviews what’s working and what isn’t. Use agile methodologies to iterate and evolve campaigns quickly in response to insights.

Hard Truth #6: Not Every Account is the Right Fit

A hard pill to swallow is that ABM isn’t right for every account. It's easy to waste time and resources on accounts that, due to their size, scope, or market position, may never yield the ROI you expect.

Helpful Tip: Develop a stringent qualifying process to identify accounts with the highest potential. Use predictive analytics to assess fit and intent, so you prioritize resources for accounts with the greatest likelihood of conversion and growth.

Hard Truth #7: Measuring ABM is Complex

The complexity of ABM campaigns makes measurement difficult. Unlike traditional marketing efforts that can use simple metrics, ABM requires a nuanced view of performance that can link marketing efforts directly to revenue.

Helpful Tip: Create an analytics framework that addresses both broad and granular aspects of ABM. Consider account engagement, pipeline velocity, and revenue attribution as key metrics. Use platforms that can integrate with your CRM and analytics tools for streamlined reporting.

Hard Truth #8: Sales and Marketing Misalignment

ABM falls apart without sales and marketing alignment. Often, the two departments have differing views on what success looks like or how to communicate with prospects, which can lead to friction and disjointed efforts.

Helpful Tip: Foster open channels of communication between sales and marketing. Schedule regular alignment meetings and create shared goals. Use ABM platforms to maintain a unified view of accounts and ensure all teams are working from the same playbook.


ABM, when executed with thought and care, has the potential to revolutionize the way you engage with your B2B prospects and clients. The truths we’ve delved into are not there to deter, but to arm you with the necessary insight to avoid common pitfalls. With these tips in hand, you’ll be better prepared to refine your strategies and turn potential challenges into stepping stones toward a robust, revenue-generating ABM program. Remember, the ultimate goal is to move beyond mere marketing tactics and foster genuine, long-lasting business relationships.

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