How To Run A Competitive Intelligence Platform As A Team Of One

Published on December 1, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer

How To Run A Competitive Intelligence Platform As A Team Of One

Maintaining a competitive edge in a crowded business market has become a race to stay innovative — a process that hinges primarily on how well you educate yourself about your competitors. This is where competitive intelligence (CI) steps in, allowing businesses to gather and analyze information about their competitive environment to assist in decision making.

But what if you're working as a one-person team? What are the most efficient strategies to set up and run your CI platform given these constraints?

In this article, we're going to provide you with a comprehensive guide on setting up and managing a Competitive Intelligence (CI) platform efficiently, even if you're a team of one.

Embrace Technology

As a one-person team, automation will be your best friend. There are multiple platforms and solutions available today – from AI-powered tools like Aomni that track competitor activity, to software that can aggregate and visualize data, these tools will streamline your efforts and minimize manual input.

Establish Clear Goals

Having clear, explicit goals can help you stay focused when gathering and analyzing competitive information. Ask yourself: "What is the one thing I need to know about my competition?" This will direct your research, and allow you to stay focused on obtaining market insights that are truly valuable.

Prioritize Your Competitive Intelligence

As a one-person team, resources — mainly time — will be tight. You need to be strategic about what you're focusing on in your analysis. Prioritize your intelligence-gathering on:

  • Key Competitors: Identify your main competitors and prioritize information around them.
  • Strategy-Based Insights: Focus on insights that can influence your business decisions.
  • Trend-based Intelligence: Prioritize gathering data to understand future trends.

Conduct Regular SWOT Analyses

Conducting regular SWOT analyses of your competitors helps map out their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This systematic approach can provide valuable insights into their operations and strategies, helping you form a countering strategy.

Collaborate and Outsource

As a one-man team, it's critical to involve others wherever possible. Use collaboration tools to share insights and gather information from other departments in your organization. You can also consider outsourcing certain tasks like data gathering or analysis if your budget allows.

Keep an Information Database

As you gather information, it's important to store it in a structured and organized way. This will ensure that when you need to collate or analyze information, everything is readily accessible. Using a database to rank, categorize, and store information can save you countless hours in the future.

Continuous Learning and Updation

The marketplace is dynamic, and your CI must be too. Set up daily or weekly routines for gathering new information about your competitors. Tools like Google Alerts, Hootsuite, or Mention can monitor the internet and notify you instantly when new content about your competitors appears online.

Implement and Monitor

Once you've analyzed the data, it's time to implement your insights into the company strategy. This may involve product modifications, strategic decisions, or marketing campaigns. After implementing, it is also important to monitor these changes for effectiveness.

In conclusion, even as a one-person team, running a competitive intelligence platform by leveraging technology, smart decision-making, continuous learning, and lots of focus can ensure you have critical market insights right at your fingertips. Despite the challenges, the fruits of these efforts can lead to improved decision-making, refined business strategies, and ultimately, the attainment of your business goals. Then, using a solution like Aomni can simplify your CI process, providing real-time account research, competitive insights, and personalized sales content with zero effort required.

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