How To Sell To Vp Of Sales

Published on August 17, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer

How To Sell To Vp Of Sales

Selling to a VP of Sales can be an enigmatic and arduous prospect, given their proficiency and experience in the very craft you are trying to perform: sales. A VP of Sales lives and breathes strategies, pipelines, and closing deals. Hence, when devising an approach to engage them, you’ll need to eschew the conventional techniques and bring an approach befitting their expertise and expectations.

Understanding the VP of Sales

The first step in selling to a VP of Sales is understanding their role thoroughly. This executive is responsible for leading the sales function, which includes strategy development, performance monitoring, team management, and driving revenue growth. They’re often under pressure to meet quotas, optimize sales processes, and deliver consistent growth—all while keeping an eye on the competitive landscape.

As seasoned professionals, they're typically well-versed in the most advanced sales tactics and technologies. Therefore, to connect with them, you need to present something beyond the standard sales pitch; you need to demonstrate value, credibility, and tangible results.

Aligning With Their Goals

Before making contact, ensure you understand the company's business goals and how they relate to the sales department's objectives. This information can be gleaned from their annual reports, press releases, company blog posts, and industry news. Knowing what keeps the VP of Sales up at night—be it customer churn, long sales cycles, or struggling to adopt new technologies—will help tailor your message to their key concerns.

Crafting a Compelling Value Proposition

When crafting your value proposition, focus on specific outcomes that resonate with a VP of Sales:

  • Increased revenue: How can your product or service help them boost their bottom line?
  • Efficiency: Could your solution help streamline their sales process or reduce time spent on non-revenue-generating activities?
  • Competitive edge: Does your offering provide them with a unique advantage that their competitors lack?

Convey your value proposition succinctly and make it as quantifiable as possible. If your product or service has helped other companies achieve a 20% increase in sales or cut down sales cycle time by 30%, bring this data to the table.

Research and Personalization

To really catch the attention of a VP of Sales, you need to demonstrate that you've put the work in. Use LinkedIn and other social media platforms to identify mutual connections, understand their career trajectory, and find personal hooks—like shared interests or alma maters. You can also research the sales strategies they've implemented or their thought leadership articles.

In your communications, reference these findings to create a personalized connection and show that you're not generic in your approach but considerate of their professional journey and achievements.

Leveraging Technology and Tools

Understanding the tools and technologies that a VP of Sales uses is also critical. Whether it's CRM systems, data analytics platforms, or sales enablement tools, show how your offering seamlessly integrates with these technologies to enhance their current operations or replaces them more effectively.

If your product is tech-based, ensure that you strike a balance between technical detail and business benefits. A VP of Sales will appreciate the innovation but will be more persuaded by how it translates to improved results and ease of adoption for their team.

Speaking Their Language

When you're finally in conversation, speak in terms that resonate within the sales domain. Use metrics and KPI-driven language. Talk about conversion rates, average deal sizes, sales velocity, and quota attainment. Your ability to align yourself with their internal benchmarks and objectives will set you apart and builds credibility.

Relationship Building

Selling to a VP of Sales is not a single interaction; it's a series of engagements that ideally progress into a trusted advisor relationship. This senior leadership role typically has a vast network and influence within the industry. Nurturing this relationship can pay dividends not only within the said company but throughout their network.

Show Not Tell: Demonstrations and Proofs of Concept

The adage ‘show, don’t tell’ rings especially true when selling to a VP of Sales. Offer to demonstrate your product in action or provide a proof of concept if the scale warrants it. Ensure this demonstration reflects an understanding of their specific challenges and showcases how your solution would work in their environment.

Prepare for Objections

A VP of Sales will likely have robust objections, which stems from their own sales acumen. They know the game. So, anticipate these objections and prepare your rebuttals with concrete data, customer success stories, and a clear ROI analysis. Aligning objections with your own insights usually indicates a thorough understanding of your product/service and their needs.

Effective Follow-Up

Your follow-up communications need to be just as strategic as the initial outreach. Reinforce the value propositions, remind them of the outcomes your solution will achieve, and always include a call-to-action.

Utilizing Advanced Tools

In today's digital world, sophisticated AI tools like Aomni can help in your quest to connect effectively with a VP of Sales. With Aomni, you can quickly get actionable insights about your target account, what competitive intel might be compelling, and which sales strategies are likely to be most successful. This level of personalized and strategic account research was once a substantial effort; now, it's automated and readily actionable.

In conclusion, selling to a VP of Sales requires insight, precision, and a tailored approach that speaks directly to the outcomes they care about. It’s about preparation, personalization, and persistence, showing that you understand their domain and their challenges, and illustrating clear, quantifiable benefits. Utilize the best tools available to you, like Aomni, to gain a competitive edge and turn these prospects into not just customers, but advocates for your solution.

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