Incorporating Research into the Modern Sales Workflow

Published on June 21, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer


Did you know that 82% of reps who exceed their quota by 150% or more conduct research on every prospect before making contact? 💪 It's a telling statistic that reflects a shift in buyer expectations. Today's buyers demand more from sellers, viewing them as trusted advisors throughout the sales cycle.

The stakes have never been higher. Buyers are less forgiving if your team shows up unprepared. So what are the best account research practices for your team? Let's break it down into actionable steps:

  1. Develop a System: Know what information is most critical to have before getting on a call. Understand the major priorities, pain points, and areas of investment or disinvestment in a prospect's business. Typically, LinkedIn, company press pages, job boards, and public financials are your go-to sources.

  2. Automate or Outsource: Your reps shouldn't be reading articles and analyzing quarterly earnings for hours daily. Invest in tools that can extract and synthesize this information, delivering actionable insights to your team.

  3. Measure and Iterate: If research is well-incorporated into your sales workflows, expect to see improvements in closing time, win rate, and deal size. Continually evaluate and tweak your approach for optimal results.

For a comprehensive understanding, a product like Aomni could help. It trains an AI agent to understand your unique value proposition and work with you to define targeted ICPs, align your value proposition to user needs, and craft personalized outreach. Instead of relying on regular AI chatbots that can be prone to misinformation, Aomni extracts data directly from the source and processes it into digestible reports.

Incorporating research into your sales workflow is an art form that requires practice and refinement. It’s about embracing modern buyers' expectations and taking a strategic approach to each sale. By doing so, your team will be positioned to provide value at every stage, from the initial discovery call to the final handshake.

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