Linkedin Is Rolling Out A Gift For B2B Marketers

Published on September 14, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer

Linkedin Is Rolling Out A Gift For B2B Marketers

LinkedIn, the preeminent professional networking platform has grown far beyond a place for individuals to connect with peers and look for new career opportunities. For B2B marketers specifically, LinkedIn presents a fertile ground for identifying and nurturing potential clients, building brand authority, and sharing content that speaks directly to industry professionals.

Recognizing the importance of LinkedIn in the B2B marketing landscape, the platform has continually evolved its offerings to better suit the needs of marketers. Now, the platform is set to roll out a new feature that is shaping up to be a game-changer for those in B2B marketing: LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms for Sponsored InMail.

What Makes LinkedIn a Hotspot for B2B Marketing?

Before diving into the latest offering, it's important to understand the context within which LinkedIn operates and why new features can be impactful. With over 760 million users, LinkedIn's user base consists primarily of professionals, including key decision-makers across various industries. This concentration of professionals makes it an invaluable resource for B2B marketers looking to target specific industries, job titles, or even individual companies.

The platform also provides a suite of marketing tools that have been tailored for professionals. These include options for highly targeted advertising, community building through company pages and LinkedIn Groups, and various formats for publishing and sharing thought leadership content.

LinkedIn's Gift to B2B Marketers: Lead Gen Forms for Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn has realized that while its existing advertising solutions are robust, there's still room for innovation—particularly in making lead generation efforts more seamless. Sponsored InMail, an already powerful tool for delivering personalized ad content directly to users' LinkedIn inboxes, will now be bolstered by integrated Lead Gen Forms.

Here's an insight into what this means for B2B marketers.

A smoother lead generation process: The Lead Gen Forms feature pre-fills the form fields automatically with a LinkedIn user's profile data when they click on your ad, significantly reducing the friction to complete a form. As a result, this lowers the barrier for lead acquisition and can boost conversion rates.

Enhanced targeting and relevance: LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms will allow for a continuation of LinkedIn's granular targeting options. B2B marketers can send Sponsored InMails to selected audiences based on criteria like job title, seniority, industry, geographical location, and even company size, making sure the right eyes see your message.

Precise tracking and analytics: With the integration of Lead Gen Forms into Sponsored InMail, you'll have access to detailed reporting on form submission rates, cost per lead, and the various demographic breakout of the people who submit forms. This data is crucial for refining your targeting and improving ROI.

Alignment with B2B sales cycles: The longer sales cycles typical of B2B relationships can benefit from the improved nurturing and follow-up that Lead Gen Forms can provide. Prompt, relevant engagement facilitated by this tool can help maintain relationships with prospects across the sales journey.

Best Practices for Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms for Sponsored InMail

To maximize the impact of this new feature, B2B marketers should focus on a few key best practices:

Be Personal and Relevant: Since you're reaching out to users in their professional mailboxes, ensure your message is personalized and fits within their professional interests. Use the data you have at your disposal to tailor your message, making it as relevant and valuable as possible.

Offer Clear Value: Your Sponsored InMail should clearly articulate the benefits of what you're offering. Whether it's an insightful white paper, an invitation to a webinar, or access to exclusive industry research, ensure it's something that your target cohort values.

Keep it Concise: LinkedIn users are busy professionals. Make sure your Sponsored InMail is straight to the point. The ease of use of the Lead Gen Forms doesn't compensate for a long-winded message that lacks focus.

Follow-Up Strategically: Once leads submit their information via the Lead Gen Form, have a follow-up plan in place. Whether it's a thank you message, additional resources, or direct sales outreach, the lead should be nurtured promptly to maintain interest and engagement.

Measure and Optimize: Leverage LinkedIn's analytics to track the performance of your Sponsored InMail campaigns integrated with Lead Gen Forms. Use the data you collect to iterate and refine your targeting and messaging.


The integration of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms with Sponsored InMail is indicative of LinkedIn's ongoing commitment to providing B2B marketers with powerful, efficient tools to reach and engage with their audience. By minimizing friction in the lead generation process and allowing for tailored, specific outreach, this new feature is set to empower B2B marketers even more.

As the feature rolls out, marketers should be prepared to integrate it thoughtfully into their LinkedIn marketing strategies. By doing so, they can enhance their lead generation efforts, improve their conversion rates, and ultimately drive more meaningful engagement with their key audiences. LinkedIn continues to offer gifts for B2B marketers, and they seem to be just getting started.

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