Online Events Resources For Product Marketing Competitive Intelligence Pros

Published on November 27, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer

Online Events Resources For Product Marketing Competitive Intelligence Pros

As a product marketing professional, staying updated with industry trends and possessing in-depth knowledge of the competitive landscape is essential. Today's businesses operate in dynamic environments where innovation, disruptions, and market changes occur at unprecedented speeds. Thus, competitive intelligence is no longer optional but a necessary tool for survival and differentiation.

In the era of digitalization, online events, webinars, and forums have become invaluable resources to acquire this much-needed intel. They are your gateway to industry insights, expert opinions and techniques, and a sneak peek into competitor strategies.

This article presents a curated list of online resources to help you up your competitive intelligence game, stay ahead of market trends, and improve your product's competitiveness.

Product Marketing Alliance

The Product Marketing Alliance (PMA) is a global community of product marketing managers and others interested in the field. They host regular summits involving established speakers from some of the industry's leading companies. Their online events provide insights on a variety of topics, from dissecting competitors' strategies to understanding the current market trends, which can bolster your competitive intelligence efforts.


SaaStock is an essential online event for anyone involved in the SaaS industry. They host numerous webinars and events throughout the year, led by key influencers across the globe, offering a panorama of the current landscape. It's a fantastic resource for marketers to anticipate upcoming trends, and identify threats and opportunities in the SaaS world.

Product School

The Product School, known as the global leader in product management training, hosts online events focusing on product development, marketing, and management. It allows interaction with industry leaders, offering the chance to gain real-world insights on competitive strategies leading companies employ.


Crayon's 'State of Competitive Intelligence' is one of the world's largest surveys aimed at understanding competitive intelligence in depth. They host insightful webinars analyzing their survey findings, which provide valuable data on growing market trends and competitive intelligence best practices.

Web Summit

Web Summit hosts online conferences that bring together people and companies who are redefining technology. They gather insights from the world's industrial leaders providing a platform to understand global market trends. Web Summit's events can arm you with the knowledge to outmaneuver your competitors.


AdWeek is a prominent resource, providing critical news and analysis on marketing, strategy, and branding. Their online webinars and virtual summits cover a range of topics relevant to product marketing and competitive intelligence.

Competitive Marketing Summit (CMS)

The CMS hosts online events and webinars focusing on competitive intelligence and marketing strategies. Attending these summits can provide you with practical skills and tools to enhance your competitive strategies.

While these online resources offer an abundance of knowledge on competitive intelligence, analyzing this information and finding relevant insights can be time-consuming. This is where AI platforms, like Aomni, can step in.

Aomni is an AI-powered tool that can gather, evaluate, and report real-time intelligence in under 15 minutes. It simplifies competitive intelligence, ensuring you always stay updated and make informed decisions, crucial for succeeding in a competitive business environment.


Online events are imperative for product marketing professionals to collect information and understand the competitive landscape thoroughly. Listed above are various resources that offer insights from industry leaders, analysis of emerging trends, and a peek into your competitors' strategic plans.

However, to save time and get actionable insights quickly, you can utilize tools like Aomni, simplifying the process of acquiring competitive intelligence, allowing you to be proactive and responsive to market trends and strategies. The combination of online resources with technologically advanced tools constitutes a robust strategy, empowering product marketers to stay ahead of the curve.

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