Product Marketers The Subject Matter Experts

Published on October 28, 2023 by David Zhang

Product Marketers The Subject Matter Experts

When we think of subject matter experts (SMEs), the initial image that forms is often of individuals who hold deep technical knowledge— R&D experts, industry specialists, or seasoned executives. However, in a business, product marketers also claim an indispensable spot as SMEs. These multidisciplinary professionals, deeply knowledgeable about their product, market, and customer ecosystem, are powering an organization's growth.

The Power of Product Marketing

Product marketing is a strategic cross-functional role that sits at the intersection of product development, sales, and marketing. A product marketer's core job is to understand their product’s unique selling points, value proposition, and the target market's nuances. They also assist in forming narratives that weave these together into engaging stories that resonate with the audience, thereby influencing customer perception and driving business growth.

Why Product Marketers are Subject Matter Experts

Product marketers bring a depth and breadth of knowledge that’s critical to fuel the success of everyone in a business, from sales teams to the CEO. Below are key reasons why product marketers are the unsung heroes and SMEs in businesses.

Deep Product Knowledge: Product marketers are engaged at various stages of the product life cycle. They have a deep understanding of the product and its value proposition, enabling them to generate compelling narratives and messaging.

Expertise in the Market and Competition: To stay ahead of the game, product marketers conduct ongoing market analysis, track competitors, research industry trends, and gather valuable customer insights. This ongoing learning and understanding make them capable of navigating market shifts and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Understanding the Customer: Because of their deep engagement with customers, user behavior data, and regular market research, product marketers hold a rich understanding of the customer— their needs, challenges, and motivations. This understanding is pivotal to creating products, campaigns, and collateral that customers can resonate with.

Messaging and Positioning Maestros: When it comes to making products/ brands shine in the crowd of competitors, product marketers are the go-to experts. Their deep product and market knowledge coupled with customer insight helps them form crisp, clear, and engaging messaging that establishes a strong perception in the customer's mind.

Driving Business Growth: With their rich ecosystem understanding, product marketers can bridge the gap between various teams such as R&D, sales, marketing, and support, orchestrating better product development, launch, and go-to-market strategies, and thus driving business growth.

The Impact of Product Marketers as SMEs

Assisting Sales and Marketing Teams: Product marketers, with their breadth of knowledge, provide sales and marketing teams with necessary and updated insights, tools, training, and collateral. It helps in crafting winning strategies, countering competitor tactics, handling objections, and closing bigger deals.

Influencing Product Strategy: Product marketers can direct product strategy because of their expertise around the customer, market, and competition. Their insights can help in creating more innovative, relevant, and competitive products.

Driving Customer Acquisition and Retention: By developing compelling USPs and value-based narratives, product marketers can significantly impact customer acquisition and retention rates.

Navigating Market Changes: As the guardians of market and customer intelligence, product marketers help businesses remain future-proof. They guide teams to adapt and respond to emerging trends, market shifts, new competition, or changing customer needs timely and effectively.


In today's hypercompetitive, fast-paced business environment, where customers are increasingly demanding and markets are constantly evolving, product marketers' role as SMEs is more important than ever. Their deep understanding of product offerings, market dynamics, and customer profiles position them as the linchpin of an organization's strategic growth.

Their expertise drives integrated growth strategies, guiding product development, messaging, and go-to-market efforts that resonate with customer expectations. As a core function that ties key aspects of a company together - sales, marketing, product, and strategy - product marketing professionals truly emerge as the subject-matter experts driving a business's success.

Leveraging a sales AI tool, like Aomni, can help enrich the product marketers' knowledge by giving them real-time insights about markets and customers, thereby maximizing their roles as effective SMEs. With platforms like Aomni powering them, product marketers can truly excel as SMEs and drive business growth.

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