Research and Strategy for Your Go-to-Market Motion

Published on August 2, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer


In this competitive landscape when buyers are tightening their belts, it’s vital to dial in your strategy and execution plan for go-to-market. It's a cross-functional effort involving various teams, including sales, marketing, customer success, and operations. What are the best approaches to building a robust GTM system?

Understanding Go-to-Market

For most B2B products, there are a number of steps in the typical GTM playbook:

  • Define Your Ideal Customer Profile: Know who you want to target and why they are the best fit for your product.
  • Identify Individual Buyer Profiles: Segment your ICPs into different buyer personas and understand what drives them.
  • Craft Messaging: Create persuasive messages that resonate with your audience's unique needs and challenges.
  • Map Buyer Journey: Define the steps your customers take from awareness to purchase and beyond.
  • Test & Optimize Funnel: Continuously analyze and refine your marketing and sales funnel for efficiency.
  • Engage & Nurture: Keep your customers engaged with relevant content and support.

The Pivotal Role of Research in the GTM Playbook

Research fuels every stage of the GTM motion. It enables cross-functional GTM teams like Sales, RevOps, and Marketing to build a shared understanding of market trends, customer profiles, and pain points. This allows the entire team to collaboratively align value propositions to buyers’ needs and craft impactful messaging to drive engagement.

To navigate this challenging terrain successfully, begin research early on. Ensure all cross-functional partners have access to the information in a centralized place and make research a shared effort. This teamwork bridges gaps and fosters a united front.

When possible, simplify the entire research process with a tool like Aomni. Since it’s trained to understand your product's unique value proposition, Aomni collaborates with you in defining targeted ICPs, qualifying prospects, and conducting deep strategic research.

Aomni extracts the essential insights directly from the source and processes it into actionable reports. These tailored account plans, based on strategic initiatives, public filings, social media, and stakeholder analysis, become invaluable tools in your GTM strategy. 🚀

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