Restaurant Pos Industry Report

Published on October 1, 2023 by David Zhang

Restaurant Pos Industry Report

The restaurant Point of Sale (POS) industry has been on the front lines of innovation, consistently advancing in response to the shifting demands of the food service sector. Today, the world of Restaurant POS is a rich and complex one, affected by digital transformation, cloud technology, the advent of mobile devices, and most recently, the global pandemic.

This comprehensive report dives into the trends, insights, and future projections of the Restaurant POS industry. drawing on recent data and expert opinions.

The Transformative Power of Technology

The Restaurant POS landscape has evolved dramatically from the relatively stationary cash registers and analog order-taking processes. Now you are as likely to see a cloud-based system deployed on a sleek tablet. This digital transformation is primarily driven by two key factors:

  • Flexibility: Cloud-based platforms offer accessibility from virtually anywhere, enabling offsite management and integration with other key operational tools.
  • Scalability: Modern POS systems can grow with the restaurant, accommodating new branches, additional menu items and functionality, or seasonal adjustments.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the global POS software market is expected to reach a staggering $30.9 billion by 2026. This explosion mirrors the rapid advancement of tech solutions in the industry.

POS Systems and the Pandemic-Driven Pivot

The global pandemic provided unexpected challenges and opportunities for the restaurant industry. It forced a novel pace and direction to innovation, particularly in the realm of POS systems. One of the most noticeable shifts has been the rapid adoption of online and contactless technologies:

  • Online Ordering: 60% of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week - a habit cemented by COVID-19 restrictions, likely remaining predominant post-pandemic. Thus, restaurants scrambled to integrate online ordering capabilities with their POS systems to keep up.

  • Contactless Payments: Driven by safety concerns, consumers favor payment methods with minimal contact. NFC contactless payments, mobile payments, and QR post-dining payments have become standard features expected in current restaurant POS systems.

POS and the Rise of Data-Driven Insights

Modern POS systems offer much more than transaction processing - they're a goldmine for actionable business insights. Systems not only track sales and inventory, but can also analyze customer behavior, staff performance, and menu success:

  • Customer Analytics: With data from every transaction, restaurants can monitor customer preferences, top-performing dishes, peak dining hours, and more.
  • Staff Performance Tracking: High-level insights on each employee’s sales performance enable restaurants to identify top performers or those who may require additional training.
  • Inventory Management: Utilizing real-time updates on stock levels, POS systems can prevent waste, streamline supply management, and optimize menus.

The Future, Driven by AI?

Futuristic as it sounds, artificial intelligence (AI) is the next frontier for the restaurant POS industry. Companies like Aomni are employing AI-based systems to elevate the sales process, offering real-time account research and personalizing sales content. The value of AI and its potential in the POS industry are gaining recognition. This sector is projected to witness remarkable growth in the near future.

Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

Despite the burgeoning innovation in the industry, restaurants face persistent challenges. Issues of data security, lack of standardization, and compatibility continue to pose barriers. However, this opens a range of opportunities for POS software developers to streamline user experience, augment security measures, and improve customer support.

Forecasting Restaurant POS Trends

As we look to the future, these trends seem set to influence the restaurant POS industry:

  • End-to-end customer experience. POS systems will evolve from their sales-finish role to span the entire customer journey – from ordering and paying to loyalty program benefits and feedback.
  • The era of no-touch dining. A world of digital menus, contactless payment, and online takeaway/delivery is here to stay.
  • AI integration. Expect more personalized experiences driven by data insights - from personalized promotions to automated marketing.


The restaurant POS industry is experiencing a revolution, with technology, customer habits and business needs constantly evolving. Sales intelligence tools like Aomni's are leading the way, helping businesses to adapt and grow amidst these rapid changes. The future will be an exciting one - with key trends pointing towards more personalized, data-driven, and seamless solutions. The restaurant POS industry's odyssey has just begun.

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