Sales Battlecards Topics

Published on January 9, 2024 by Sawyer Middeleer

Sales Battlecards Topics

If you're involved in sales in any capacity, you've likely heard of a sales battlecard. They're crucial tools in your arsenal, designed to provide a competitive edge during sales engagements. However, many teams struggle to create impactful battlecards because they aren't certain what topics to cover. In this guide, we'll explore different battlecard topics that can amplify your sales efforts and enhance your performance.

Understanding the Importance of Sales Battlecards

Sales battlecards are tactical guides. These concise, single-page documents equip your sales team with critical intelligence about your competitive landscape, enabling them to handle objections, deliver persuasive pitches, and close deals more effectively.

Choosing the Right Topics for Your Sales Battlecards

While there’s no one-size-fits-all format for battlecards, creating one that's both concise and informative is the key to a successful outcome. Here, we provide you with battlecard topics that can help shape your strategy and provide competitive leverage.

1. Overview of Competitors: This battlecard compiles the basic information about one or multiple competitors. It should include the competitor's value proposition, primary markets, strengths, weaknesses, and noteworthy customers. Ideally, this card provides insight into who the competition is and their key differentiators.

2. Competitor News and Updates: A battlecard that keeps your team updated about recent changes and news from competitors can be invaluable. It could include new features, partnerships, acquisitions, or growth numbers. This card helps the sales team stay informed about emerging trends and shifts in the landscape.

3. Product Comparisons: This battlecard focuses on comparing your product with that of your competition. It's essential to maintain objectivity here, not just highlighting your strengths but also acknowledging areas where the competitor may have an edge. This preparation pays off when a prospect brings these points up during a sales call, as it affords the opportunity to handle the objection eloquently.

4. Objection Handling: This card provides your sales team with a tactical response to common objections and questions that prospects may raise. It should be updated regularly based on new objections that emerge during sales conversations.

5. Pricing Comparisons: Often, pricing will be a significant factor for potential customers. This battlecard generates an exact comparison of your pricing model against that of your competitors.

6. Success Stories: Showing is often better than telling. This card includes a series of success stories where clients have either switched from a competitor or have chosen your product over others. Real-life examples can be an impactful way of communicating this to your prospects.

7. Risks and Mitigation: This card should outline the risks that a customer may encounter when choosing a competitor's product. Primarily, it should provide factual counterpoints that help prospects understand the long-term implications and how your product diminishes these risks.

8. Sales Scripts: A battlecard with potential conversation scenarios helps your sales team maneuver conversations with prospects, particularly those showing significant interest in competitors' offerings.

9. Ideal Customers and Buyer Personas: This battlecard should highlight the kinds of customers your product serves best. It can help sales representatives initiate a conversation and steer it in a way that resonates with the prospect.

However, it's important to remember that a battlecard isn't a set-it-and-forget-it resource. It needs timely updates based on the competitive landscape changes.

A tool like Aomni simplifies this task. Instead of manually updating your battlecards, Aomni's AI gathers data in real-time and presents you with an updated, precise sales battlecard, ready to deliver you the edge in your sales conversation.


Incorporating these topics into your sales battlecards not only equips your sales team with a wealth of knowledge regarding your competition but also gives them a good foundation for shifting conversations in your favor. Whether you're a new startup or an established business, having these battlecards ready can be a game-changer for your sales process. Constant updates and adjustments will ensure your battlecards remain an effective aid long-term, and leveraging Aomni's AI platform can make this process both quicker and more accurate.

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