Why your sales team needs better battlecards

Published on December 30, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer


If you’ve ever used sales battlecards, you’ve probably been disappointed. Too often, they’re difficult to navigate, generic and stuffed with out-of-date information. We believe sales battlecards are more than just templates with space to fill; they're an opportunity for storytelling.

At Aomni, we've seen how vital minimal yet impactful content is for sales battlecards. They're not meant to be overstuffed with information; instead, they should be concise, delivering just what your sales team needs to turn a prospect into a client. If built and used correctly, battlecards help sales reps perform better during calls, improving win rates.

Let's delve deeper into crafting a battlecard that's indispensable to your reps, using real-life examples and templates - something we've honed over the years as startup founders and enterprise sales leaders.

What is a battlecard?

A sales battlecard is a strategic tool that equips your sales team with vital information about competitors, market trends, and customer insights, enabling them to navigate the competitive landscape with confidence and finesse. Think of it as a playbook that combines data, stories, and tactics, tailored to empower your sales force in various scenarios.

The art of crafting a sales battlecard

There are two factors that make a battlecard truly great: it must be specific and it must be actionable. Without specific details, your sellers on the ground, won’t know how to actually apply it in a real sales scenario. Similarly, if a battlecard isn’t actionable, it will be left to gather dust. Here are the things you need to know to craft great battlecards.

  • Identify Your Audience: Know who will use these battlecards. Each role, be it a sales rep or a customer success manager, has unique needs
  • Seek Feedback Continuously: Engage with your team. What gaps exist in their arsenal? What insights can transform their sales approach?
  • Update Relentlessly: Outdated information is a battlecard's nemesis. Keep it fresh and relevant.
  • Gather Intelligence Widely: Use internal and external sources. Start with internal wisdom and expand your horizon to include external data.
  • Tell a Story, Not Just Facts: I can't stress this enough. Transform your battlecards from a mere collection of points to a compelling narrative.

Before sales intelligence tools like Aomni were developed, building and maintaining battlecards was a lot of work and they often fell out of date. Now, Aomni’s AI does everything for you: it understands your target market, aggregates account data in real-time, and synthesizes information into actionable battle cards, all while continually updating itself based on human feedback.

Battlecard examples

The next question you need to answer is “what kind of battlecards should I make for my team?”

Ideally, battlecards will help sellers prepare them for high-stakes buyer meetings so that they will be prepared with aces up their sleeves when sellers ask thorny questions or appear reluctant to consider a new solution. You can never be too prepared to handle objections from buyers. Here are some examples of battlecards that we know are critical to set your team up for success.

Market Overview Battlecard: Imagine you're entering a new market segment. You need to understand the terrain – the key players, market dynamics, and emerging trends. The Market Overview Battlecard is like your market reconnaissance. It offers a bird's-eye view of the market landscape, helping your team understand where your product fits in the larger picture.

Company Overview Battlecard: Then there's the Company Overview Battlecard. It's like having a dossier on your own company – a mirror to reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, and unique value proposition. It’s crucial for new hires or when venturing into new territories, giving a consolidated view of what your company stands for.

Positioning Battlecard: In the chess game of sales, the Positioning Battlecard is your strategic guide. It helps your team articulate how your product or service uniquely solves the customer's problems, differentiating it from competitors. This card is vital in crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with your target audience.

Customer Case Study Battlecard: Storytelling is powerful, and the Customer Case Study Battlecard is your storybook. It showcases real-life examples of how your product has helped customers, providing tangible evidence of its value. This card is instrumental in building credibility and trust with prospects.

Competitor Comparison Battlecard: Finally, the Competitor Comparison Battlecard is your field guide in the competitive jungle. It provides a direct comparison between your offerings and those of your key competitors, highlighting your competitive edge. It’s a critical tool for reps to handle objections and position your product favorably against rivals.


A well-crafted sales battlecard can be a game-changer for your sales team. By providing specific and actionable information, battlecards can equip your reps to navigate the competitive landscape with confidence and finesse, improving win rates and closing deals. At Aomni, we believe that battlecards are more than just templates with space to fill; they're a valuable toolfor sustained revenue growth.

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