The 8 Things B2B Salespeople Love To Hate

Published on September 13, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer

The 8 Things B2B Salespeople Love To Hate

The world of B2B sales is fraught with challenges and frustrations, many of which are universally recognized across the industry. However, it's often these very irritants that keep the role dynamic and the wins satisfying. Let's delve into the eight things B2B salespeople love to hate.

1. Poorly Qualified Leads

When marketing funnels deliver leads that haven't been properly qualified, salespeople find themselves on wild goose chases. They can spend their valuable time pursuing prospects with low conversion potential, a misalignment of needs, or no decision-making power. Yet, there's a grudging acknowledgment that every so often, these leads can surprise us and turn into valuable opportunities.

2. The Endless CRM Data Entry

Being shackled to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for data entry tasks can be a B2B sales rep’s nightmare. Salespeople understand the value of well-maintained data for tracking leads and managing client relationships but hate the tedious work it takes to maintain these systems. It’s essential yet cumbersome, akin to flossing teeth—no one enjoys it, but everyone knows it’s good for long-term health.

3. Elusive Decision Makers

Chasing decision-makers who are as elusive as a mirage can exhaust even the most resilient salesperson. However, the thrill of finally connecting with the key decision-maker after numerous attempts and strategizing can be immensely gratifying. It’s an arduous process that, when concluded successfully, can feel like a strategic victory.

4. RFPs That Go Nowhere

Requests for proposals (RFPs) are the necessary evils of the B2B sales world. Each RFP represents a beacon of opportunity as well as a potential wild-goose chase. Crafting detailed proposals is a time-consuming process that doesn’t always yield a return. Nevertheless, it's satisfying when an RFP results in a big win that justifies the effort.

5. Price Negotiations

Price negotiations can be a high-stakes poker game. Throw in procurement teams driving hard bargains, and the stage is set for conflict. Reps love the close-quarters negotiation as it plays to their persuasive skills, but they bristle at the thought of margin-squeezing discussions that seem to undervalue their offerings.

6. The Constant Rejection

No one likes to be told 'no,' and salespeople are no exception. B2B sales is often a numbers game, one where 'no' is heard far more frequently than 'yes.' Rejection provides tough lessons in resilience and tenacity, reminding salespeople that every 'no' is one step closer to 'yes.' Each rejection hones their approach, as irritating as it is insightful.

7. The Rapid Rate of Product Changes

In the fast-moving tech landscape, rapid product updates and changes can unsettle even the most unflappable sales rep. Remaining constantly up-to-date on the latest features and use cases requires continuous learning, often with little to no notice. The inconvenience notwithstanding; it’s a reality that keeps salespeople at the top of their game and their product knowledge fresh.

8. The Influx of Emerging Technologies

Salespeople often view the latest sales-enablement tools and technologies with a mix of suspicion and cautious optimism. While these innovations promise efficiency and better sales outcomes, they also mean embracing change and altering well-honed sales tactics. Tech adoption can be a tough pill to swallow for sales veterans, but it’s also the elixir for modernized selling.

Coping with the Beloved Annoyances of B2B Sales

The quirks of B2B sales are as exasperating as they are cherished, often serving as the unspoken rites of passage for professionals in the field. How sales reps respond and adapt to these irritants can define their careers.

Here are some proactive steps for dealing with each:

  • For poorly qualified leads: Work with marketing to refine lead-scoring models and qualification criteria.
  • For CRM data entry: Leverage automation tools where possible, ensuring more time can be spent on actual selling.
  • For elusive decision makers: Develop a multi-threaded approach to build relationships at multiple levels within the prospect company.
  • For RFP time sinks: Qualify the RFPs before diving in, ensuring they align with the product strengths and business goals.
  • For price negotiations: Establish value before talking price and lean on case studies and testimonials where possible.
  • For constant rejection: Build a pipeline that ensures you have more irons in the fire and learn from the feedback.
  • For product change rates: Keep learning resources handy, and embrace continuous professional development.
  • For new tech influx: Remain adaptive and open-minded, recognizing that these tools are designed to support, not hinder, sales efforts.


While the grind of B2B sales is real, it's essential to remember that dealing with these necessary evils effectively distinguishes top-performing salespeople from the rest. Each frustration encountered and overcome serves as a catalyst for growth and a badge of experience. And for those in the trenches, the rewards of conquering these adversities have a sweetness all B2B salespeople quietly acknowledge.

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