The Power Of Personalization How Postal Helps Bdrs Book More Meetings With Prospects

Published on November 15, 2023 by David Zhang

The Power Of Personalization How Postal Helps Bdrs Book More Meetings With Prospects

In the fast-paced world of sales, the power of personalization can never be underestimated. Booking meetings with prospects is often a BDR’s (Business Development Representative) greatest challenge. Yet, with the right approach, it can also be their greatest opportunity for success. Personalization is that differentiator that can pivot a cold outreach into a warm conversation, building the foundation for a potentially lucrative business relationship.

Many technologies and platforms promise to streamline sales processes and enhance results, but only a few deliver on the promise of personalization that captures a prospect’s attention. Enter Postal — a service designed to provide a unique edge to BDRs.

Understanding the Role of Personalization

Let us first unpack the concept of personalization in sales. Personalization is more than just inserting a prospect's name in an email's opening line. Rather, it's about demonstrating to potential buyers that you recognize their specific needs, understand the challenges they face, and are ready to offer a solution that resonates with them on an individual level.

1. Why Is Personalization Effective?

Several psychological factors contribute to why personalization is effective in sales:

  • It Builds Rapport: Addressing the unique needs and pain points of a prospect establishes a connection more profound than a generic sales pitch.
  • Recognition Principle: People respond more favorably when they feel seen and understood. Personalized approaches show prospects they are not just another name on a list.
  • Reciprocity Norm: When prospects receive something tailored and thoughtful, they are more inclined to respond in kind — such as agreeing to a meeting.

2. How Does Personalization Work with Postal?

With the high volume of digital noise, BDRs need to break through the clutter to capture the attention of their prospects. That's where Postal steps in. Postal isn't just a platform; it's a strategy-enhancing tool that turns the art of gifting into a powerful business development lever.

How Postal Personalizes BDR Outreach

Postal offers a fresh approach that takes personalization out of the digital realm and into the tangible world. It integrates the human touch into your outreach efforts, bridging the gap between digital communication and real-world interaction.

1. Customizable Gifting Options

Postal provides a diverse catalog of gifts, from gourmet goodies to practical office items, all of which can be personalized to the prospect’s liking or personal interests. Such a gesture demonstrates that a BDR has taken the time to consider what the prospect might enjoy, appreciate, or find useful.

2. Automated, But Authentic

You can integrate Postal within your CRM and automate the gifting process without losing the personal touch. Whether it's timed with a follow-up email or a response to a prospect's action, automation ensures no opportunity for connection is missed.

3. Direct Mail with a Difference

At a time when inboxes are overflowing and digital fatigue is real, a personalized piece of direct mail can be refreshing. Postal helps BDRs create impactful, branded physical items that stand out.

4. Event-Triggered Sending

Whether a prospect downloads a whitepaper, attends a webinar, or interacts with your brand online, these engagements can trigger a thoughtful gift. It's personalized follow-up action that complements digital touchpoints.

The Benefits of Using Postal for Personalization

1. Differentiation

In a fiercely competitive market, sending a personalized gift can set your brand apart from others. It shows innovation and commitment to understanding and providing value to your prospects.

2. Increased Meetings Booked

Prospects who feel valued are more likely to engage. A personalized gift increases the chances that they’ll respond to the call to action, which is often a meeting with a BDR.

3. Building Lasting Relationships

Personalized gifting can initiate a positive association with your brand. It's about starting on the right foot and cultivating a relationship based on thoughtful interaction.

4. Data-Driven Insights

Postal offers analytics meaning every gifting campaign is an opportunity to learn what resonates best with your prospects. Continuous learning leads to better personalization.

Maximizing Efficiency with Personalization through Postal

1. Strategies for Segmentation

Postal allows BDRs to segment their prospects based on various criteria and tailor their outreach accordingly. Utilizing data intelligence, BDRs can understand their prospect’s preferences and interests to select the most relevant gifts.

2. Timely Execution

Whether it's a gift sent for a prospect’s work anniversary or as a follow-up to a successful product demonstration, timing is everything. Postal’s integration with CRM ensures your personalized outreach is delivered at just the right moment.

3. Feedback Loops for Enhanced Personalization

Gifting isn't just a one-and-done deal; it's about fine-tuning your approach. As Postal’s platform allows you to track the success of your campaigns, you can adjust your strategies based on real feedback.


In conclusion, the power of personalization is undeniable in its capacity to help BDRs book more meetings with prospects. Postal plays a pivotal role in delivering this personalization in a meaningful and scalable way. By combining the charm of physical gifts with the intelligence of data-driven insights and automation, Postal empowers BDRs to engage with prospects on a level that’s difficult to achieve through digital channels alone.

Effective use of Postal could spell the difference between a prospect lost in the digital void and a successful meeting that paves the way for a profitable business relationship. Whether your goal is to initiate, cultivate or reactivate prospect engagement, personalized gifting through Postal can be your conduit to achieving sales success.

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