Transforming Revenue Enablement With Competitive Intelligence

Published on October 20, 2023 by Sawyer Middeleer

Transforming Revenue Enablement With Competitive Intelligence

Revenue enablement has slowly but surely become the mainstay in the modern B2B environment. The idea is simple: Equip your sales teams with the necessary tools and insights to drive revenue effectively – in essence, eliminate barriers, and watch sales rep productivity skyrocket.

What then if we powered revenue enablement further with competitive intelligence?

Competitive intelligence is a strategic tool that provides us with much-needed insights into the competition. It allows us to understand the competitive landscape and strategies our opponents use to succeed. When you apply competitive intelligence to your revenue enablement, you're providing your teams with an in-depth, dynamic understanding of the rapidly shifting competitive landscape and equipping them to outmanoeuvre the competition efficiently.

Connecting Revenue Enablement and Competitive Intelligence

While revenue enablement focuses on enhancing sales team productivity, competitive intelligence focuses on gaining a strategic edge. By combining them, we’re empowering our sales function with real-time insights that can transform their sales pitch, approach, and strategy – a sure-shot recipe for success.

Competitive Intelligence: The Key to Strategic Selling

When we talk about competitive intelligence, we’re focusing on deliverable insights: tangible data points that help position ourselves strategically against the competition. Knowing the product portfolio, pricing, market share, and marketing strategies of your competitors will enable you to fine-tune your sales pitches, making them more compelling and relevant to your prospects, thereby improving your win rates.

How Competitive Intelligence Augments Revenue Enablement?

Strengthening Value Proposition: No matter how unique you think your product or service is, it's likely that your competitors offer something similar. Understanding the distinguishing factors, both you and your competition present, enables you to enhance your own value proposition. You can find unique features that resonate with your customers better, which means your sales reps can sell more effectively.

Refined Sales Messaging: Competitive intelligence provides insights that allow your sales reps to tailor their sales pitches to individual clients, by understanding their chief concerns, and repositioning your product as the superior solution.

Identifying Market Gaps: Competitive intelligence can also highlight areas where your competition is falling short, allowing you to capitalize on these gaps.

Managing Objections Better: Prospects often raise objections based on what they've heard or understand from competitors. Through competitive intelligence, your sales reps gain the knowledge to respond effectively, countering competition-driven objections with accuracy.

Developing Proactive Strategies: Reactive strategies often result in missed opportunities. With insights at their fingertips, your sales reps can propose proactive solutions, tailored to the needs of your customers, thereby being a step ahead of the competition.

In Practice: Operationalizing Competitive Intelligence for Revenue Enablement

So, you’re convinced of the need to fuse competitive intelligence and revenue enablement – but how do you do that in practical terms?

Collect and Analyze: Use social media, customer reviews, competitor websites, and industry reports to gather information. Organize this information into digestible formats so it's useful for your sales reps.

Information Dissemination: Information doesn’t remain static, meaning your teams need to be kept in the loop about real-time market changes. Embrace communication tools and platforms that can deliver this information effectively.

Training: Regular training sessions, workshops, and meetings ensure that everyone on your sales team fully understands the methodologies, strategies, and best practices derived from the competitive intelligence gathered.

Tools: Manual efforts often fall short – this is where AI-powered tools like Aomni come in. Aomni aids in providing accurate, real-time competitive insights in an easy-to-navigate format, reducing manual effort and enhancing effectiveness.


Incorporating competitive intelligence into your revenue enablement strategy equips your sales teams with the information necessary to anticipate and counter competitive threats and opportunities. This level of foresight empowers teams, ultimately boosting sales performance and driving revenue growth.

Together, competitive intelligence and revenue enablement deliver a strengthened, tailored approach that can form the bedrock of your sales strategy. With Aomni, the process of aggregating and refreshing useful market insights becomes effortless, allowing you to stay one step ahead in the B2B sales game.


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