Use Sales Battlecards

Published on October 27, 2023 by David Zhang

Use Sales Battlecards

When you're in a competitive sales environment, one of the weapons you need in your sales arsenal is a battlecard. Sales battlecards can be an irreplaceable tool to have at your fingertips when talking with potential clients, conveying valuable information about your products and competition. But just having a nicely designed battlecard won't save the day unless you know how to use it effectively.

In this article, we explore the usage of sales battlecards and give you easy-to-implement guidelines on making them work for you.

Understanding Sales Battlecards

Before diving into the specifics of using sales battlecards, it’s necessary to understand what they are. A sales battlecard is a concise, resourceful document with a set of differentiators that distinguish your product or service from competitors. This information is fit into a single page or a digital file, easy to access and digestible for your sales team, and includes market trends, buyer persona insights, or pricing strategies.

Having convincing, up-to-date, and easy-to-navigate battlecards will give your sales team a boost and increase their confidence when handling sales calls and meetings.

Tips to Use Sales Battlecards Effectively

Now that you have a brief idea of what sales battlecards are, let's dive into the 'how'. Keep reading to find out how to unlock the full potential of your battlecards.

1. Redefine Battlecard Goals

Each battlecard should have a specific goal. Depending on your industry and company's unique selling proposition, the goals for each battlecard may vary, but defining clear objectives early on ensures alignment across your team.

2. Make Them Accessible

Battlecards are meant to be easy-to-use resources. If they are hidden away in a complex file structure or take too long to load, they are not serving their purpose. It's crucial to enable your sales team to access them swiftly whenever needed.

3. Train Your Sales Team

Your battlecards won’t be fully proficient until your sales team knows how to use them. Regular training sessions or role-playing scenarios can help salespersons understand the right situations to use each battlecard, resulting in more effective sales conversations.

4. Constantly Update Sales Battlecards

Ensuring your battlecards are up-to-date is crucial. The business landscape is continuously evolving, and so are your competitors. Keeping your battlecards in sync with current market trends will give your sales team a competitive edge during pitches.

5. Feedback is Golden

Feedback is a useful tool to refine your battlecards. Encouraging your sales team to provide feedback based on their battlefield experiences can help identify gaps and provide insights for improvements.

Practical Usage of Sales Battlecards

  • Objections: Your sales team can swiftly counter any objections raised by using the information kept handy in battlecards.
  • Prospect Meetings: Battlecards are perfect cheat-sheets to touch upon key differentiators about your product.
  • Product Comparisons: When customers start comparing your product with competitors, battlecards can offer profitable comparisons to win the argument.
  • Sales Calls: Battlecards can back your claims with validated data and information during sales calls.
  • Price Negotiations: Key insights from battlecards can support pricing discussions, providing crucial data points to negotiate better.

Invest in Tools to Help Manage Battlecards

Having a dynamic tool that lets you create, access, and update battlecards in real-time can be a game changer. This is where a platform like Aomni comes into play. Not only does it help create intuitive battlecards, but it also ensures they're always up-to-date, delivering real-time competitor analysis and market trends right to your sales team.


Sales battlecards are a powerful weapon in your sales arsenal, but only if used effectively. Follow the above-listed tips to ensure that your battlecards provide your sales team the tools they need in a competitive sales situation.

Remember, sales battlecards are not static resources. They need to evolve with your strategic priorities and market realities. Therefore, investing in a tool like Aomni can make a significant difference in maintaining the effectiveness of your battlecards over time, ultimately leading to a more equipped sales team and improved sales outcomes.

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