What Is Sales Enablement

Published on October 4, 2023 by David Zhang

What Is Sales Enablement

In today's ultra-competitive business environment, having a stellar product or groundbreaking idea is often not enough to succeed. How well your sales team can convey the value proposition, empathize with prospect's challenges, and create a convincing argument is what often separates industry leaders from aspirants. This is where sales enablement becomes the secret weapon.

In this in-depth guide, we will break down what sales enablement is and why its role can make a tremendous difference in the success of the organization.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is a strategic, collaborative discipline designed to increase predictable sales team performance by providing consistent, scalable development on the knowledge, skills, processes, and behaviors necessary to optimize every interaction with buyers. It encompasses every tool, resource, and process that empowers the sales team to sell efficiently and at a higher velocity.

These strategic initiatives formalize the delivery of information, content, tools, and training to the sales team that they need to engage the buyer throughout the buying process. Quality content provides answers to buyers' questions, enriches every interaction they have with your sales team, and ultimately helps them choose your solutions.

Why does Sales Enablement Matter?

Studies show that organizations practicing sales enablement have a 15% higher win rate on forecasted deals compared to those that do not. Here's why sales enablement matters:

  • Increased productivity: Sales enablement equips salespeople with the tools and content they need to engage with leads. With easy access to everything needed, the sales team saves time and enhances productivity.

  • Improved communication: Sales enablement bridges the gap between different departments in a company, fostering collaboration and improving communication.

  • Better alignment: Sales enablement ensures that sales and marketing teams are aligned toward a common goal, resulting in a smoother buyer journey.

  • Enhanced sales training: Sales enablement is integral to improving onboarding processes and ongoing training, thereby enhancing sales competency and consistency.

  • More conversions: With a sales enablement approach, businesses can provide a better customer experience. This ability to address buyer needs more effectively often leads to higher conversion rates.

Key Components of Sales Enablement

While every organization will adapt its own unique approach to sales enablement, typical components include:

  • Sales Content: This includes case studies, brochures, blog posts, ebooks, white papers, datasheets, and presentations. Effective sales content is both easy to grasp and represents your product or service's value.

  • Sales Training: Training and development activities ensure that all salespeople have a consistent level of knowledge and skills. This includes product knowledge, sales techniques, and knowledge about the customer.

  • Technology and Tools: Efficient use of technology can make sales enablement more seamless. Tools can range from CRM systems to help track customer interactions, to sales intelligence platforms like Aomni that can provide personalized sales content, actionable competitive insights, and real-time account research in minutes.

  • Sales Communication: This focuses on the coordination between sales, marketing, and other teams, facilitating information flow and ensuring everyone is working towards the same objectives.

  • Sales Analytics: This involves measuring, analyzing, and reporting on the success rate of the sales team, the performance of the sales process, conversion rates, and pipeline progression.

Enabling Sales Enablement with Aomni

In order to make sales enablement truly effective, companies need systems in place to support it. This is where AI platforms like Aomni come in. These systems can provide real-time data analysis, allowing for immediate insights and feedback. This means sales teams have up-to-date, relevant information at their fingertips, leading to more efficient prospecting, improved sales techniques, and ultimately, higher closing rates.


Sales enablement is about providing sales professionals with the resources they need to close deals. This includes content, tools, knowledge, and information to effectively sell your product or service. As the business world becomes more competitive, organizations that implement effective sales enablement strategies, and utilize advanced platforms for sales intelligence like Aomni, will have the upper-hand to set their teams up for success.

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