Win Loss Insights To Use In Your Battlecards

Published on October 8, 2023 by David Zhang

Win Loss Insights To Use In Your Battlecards

The most innovative companies never overlook learning opportunities. Needless to say, studying your sales performance certainly falls under that category. Win-loss insights are one of those golden opportunities to learn, and unfortunately, are often overlooked. Making the most out of these insights can create a fork in the road that leads to more wins.

This article will take you through how you can leverage win-loss insights to improve your battlecards and boost your sales performance. We'll cover:

  • What win-loss insights entail
  • Why they are critical for your battlecards
  • How exactly to use these insights to update and improve your battlecards

What are Win-loss Insights?

Win-loss insights are the lessons learned from your successful sales, your won deals, and from your lost deals. These insights help you understand what went great in your won deals and what was missing in the lost ones.

Win-loss analysis typically involves studying the sales process, the competitors you were against, the key objections raised by the customer, how they were addressed, and ultimately the factors that influenced the customer’s decision.

Importance of Win-loss Insights for Battlecards

Battlecards are critical sales enablement tools that arm your sales reps with the strategies and tactics they need to succeed in their sales battles. They contain intelligence about competitors, market trends, product comparisons and more.

Win-loss insights are pivotal in making battlecards more potent. They offer real-life experiences and actionable learnings instead of theoretically hype material. They shed light on what's working, what's not, and how your offers fare against competitors in real-world scenarios.

Moreover, they help identify the gaps in your battlecards – the information that your sales reps wish they had during sales conversations but didn't. Regularly updating your battlecards with win-loss insights ensures that they continue to stay effective, relevant and impactful.

Using Win-loss Insights in Your Battlecards

So, how exactly do you pull valuable insights from your wins and losses into your battlecards? Here are three key steps:

  1. Conduct a Win-loss Analysis: Video conference with your sales reps after sales cycles to capture their thoughts and experiences. Ask about the competitive landscape, customer objections, their unique needs, and other factors that influenced the decision. It’s even better if you can get direct feedback from customers.

  2. Identify Trends and Patterns: Once you've gathered several win-loss insights, start looking for trends. Are you consistently losing to a particular competitor? Are certain objections recurring? Look at your win-loss insights holistically to discern patterns that can guide revisions to your battlecards.

  3. Update Your Battlecards: Armed with your win-loss insights, it's now time to update your battlecards. Include facts, experiences, and tactics that have proven successful. Address recurring objections and weaker areas.

An Example: Competitor Comparison Battlecard

Let’s look at a common type of battlecard, the Competitor Comparison Battlecard. This card contains a direct comparison of your product with that of the main competitors. After conducting a win-loss analysis, you discover these insights:

  • In several deals, your competitors' pricing strategy wins
  • Customers appreciate your robust customer support
  • A frequent objection is regarding the onboarding process

With this information at hand, you now know what to update in your battlecard:

  • Address the competitor’s pricing strategy – highlight the extra features and value customers get from your product and how it justifies the higher price.
  • Accentuate your robust customer support – emphasize this strength and prepare reps with testimonials from happy clients.
  • Improve on onboarding – it’s an area to work on, hence, come up with a plan to tackle this objection. Provide your reps with facts about recent improvements or projected plans about your onboarding process.


Regardless of whether you are winning or losing, every deal offers a learning opportunity. Win-loss insights provide rich, actionable data that can drive strategic decisions and initiatives, especially enriching your battlecards. The result? Sales reps armed with sharper tactics and a deep understanding of their clients which is sure to increase win rates.

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